INTERVIEWING:  The Child Advocacy Center offers a safe, neutral, child-friendly environment for children who are suspected victims of child abuse to be interviewed. A friendly staff at the Child Advocacy Center greets children and their families. A team of investigators including the Department of Human Resources and Law Enforcement attend the interviews. The child is taken into a private, quiet room by a professional from the Department of Human Resources, where the child is interviewed. This room is equipped with cameras so that other team investigators may view the interview through a closed circuit television from another office. This eliminates repetitive interviews for the child, thus reducing the amount of trauma for the child. All interviews are video taped for the purpose of prosecution.

CHILD THERAPY:  The Child Advocacy Center has a licensed child therapist on site for follow-up treatment after the interview takes place. The therapist will provide counseling services for the child victim as long as necessary.

FORENSIC EVALUATIONS: This service is provided for the Department of Human Resources as well as the District Attorney’s office. This is an extended forensic interview taking place once a week from six to ten weeks. A licensed child therapist who has completed the forensic assessment training curriculum conducts the forensic assessment. It is a structured program that has been nationally recognized.

FAMILY ADOVCACY:  Support is offered to the non-offending caregivers in indicated child abuse cases. The family advocate serves as a liaison for the family and all involved investigating agencies.  The family advocate also provides assistance in helping the family to utilize community resources. This program is limited to the non-offending caregivers who are supportive of the child victim.

TEAM REVIEWS: Once a month, the Child Advocacy Center Case Review Team meets at the Child Advocacy Center to discuss the status of all ongoing child abuse cases. Members include: CAC case manager, CAC family advocate, CAC child therapist, investigators from the Department of Human Resources, a supervisor from the Department of Human Resources,  the District Attorney, local law enforcement officers, and a medical examiner, when necessary,

SUMMER PROGRAM: This program is offered to children between the ages 8-16. Age appropriate material is presented to cover life skills such as making good choices, anger management, conflict resolution, etc. Different types of arts will be incorporated in this program beginning this year.  The program is offered three days a week at the Child Advocacy Center. The child therapist, family advocate, education coordinator, parent educator, education assistant and volunteers conduct this program. This program is offered to children who have been identified as “at-risk” or “high-risk” through the school, DHR or the CAC child therapist. Space is limited.

ADULT ANGER MANAGEMENT: This is a 10 week structured class conducted by the agency’s licensed therapist. The family advocate and parent educator assist her. Anger rating scales are used to evaluate the clients and certificates are awarded upon completion of the program. These classes are offered weekly and run concurrent with the Family Wellness program.  These classes are open to the public but space is limited. There is a $60.00 fee for the 10-week class.

PARENTING CLASSES: This is an on-going class meeting weekly. Parents learn to build on their strengths in order to offer their children a safe and stable home. Parents also learn child development, the dangers of Shaken Baby Syndrome, and effective discipline. This class is offered weekly to the public and runs concurrent with the Anger Management program. Clients may attend these classes while waiting for an available seat in the Anger Management class.